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This is going to be a fairly simple page; as it would take forever to
give all information about conventions, I'll just be listing the
date, place, and GRITers (or ex-GRITers) expected to attend.  I'll
also take a look for the homepage of each con and put them here.
Finally, if there's a large number of GRITers that end up going to
any particular con, we'll see what we can do to make arrangements for meetings.  ^_^

Project A-kon 9
Project A-kon over!  But I'll be doing a write-up 
soon, so keep an eye out...

Anime Expo 98
When:July 3-5, 1998

Where: Anaheim Hilton and Towers, Anaheim, California

GRITers Expected to Attend: Vince Tagle, Alejandro Melchor,
DamienRoc, Psychokick