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The GRIT Communications Page

Great pic, ne?  Drawn and (mostly) coloured by Al-X.

Greeting, fellow GRITers, would-be 
GRITers, lurkers, and poor shmucks 
who have stumbled upon this page.  
This is a little pet project I've
been planning on working on for 
awhile; that is, a homepage to foster
better communications within GRIT.  
I'm trying to make this the one
stop where GRITers or people wanting 
information about GRIT can go to meet 
or find out about other GRITers.  
Thus, the links below will lead you 
to a variety of ways to chat with, 
e-mail or possibly even meet your 
fellow denizens of the Global Ranma 
Insanity Thread.

And, aside from that, it's decent 
practice for building a home page. ^_^

Who am I?  Well...I'm Chris McNeil, 
the guy known on GRIT as Blade.  You 
may have heard of me.  ^_^  (This is 
my page, so my ego is allowed free reign :).  Well, I'm
not going to be stupid enough to promise constant
updates, but I AM updated, and will try to keep it that
way.  Rejoice. ;p

Yet another important notice! (02/19/99)

What's this page for?
Info Page
GRITer's Homepages and Blade's Recommended Links

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Got on IM or ICQ? Going to a convention? Leave me a message!


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Al-X for the original version of the 
Blade/MechaBlade pic displayed above, as well as for helping with
the background of the links page.  Thanks to Jason Heavensrun for
the original of the background pic here.

Thanks, especially, to all those who visited and offered comments
and criticism as the page was being built.  Andy, Time Lady, Jason,
Kuno, Mark, Al, Vincent, Kei, Steve and any others whom with my horrible
memory I may have forgotten, thank you.

And thanks to Weapon X for shrinking the pic above for me.  ^_^