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Hello there.  In order to avoid the risk of babbling on 
about the same things I did on my main page, I'll make 
this short and sweet.  As stated, this is a page intended 
to help foster more communication within GRIT; as such, I 
will be listing such things as e-mail addresses, ICQ 
numbers and Instant Messenger usernames here.  Also, I 
will be providing info on any upcoming conventions that 
GRITers are attending, links to GRITer homepages, and 
possibly other things that may spring to mind.  Below is 
provided links to the two major pieces of software to help 
you get started: Mirabilis ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger.  
They're both freeware, and easy to use as well.  It's 
highly recommended that you get on at least one, 
preferably both.  Well, that's all for now.  Jya ne!

Mirabilis ICQ
Aol Instant Messenger

The Official GRIT Chat Room
This is it, the official GRIT Chat Room! Drop by now and 
again and find your fellow GRITers!  Just browse to:
Courtesy of Dan Mastriani.  All you need is a Java-capable
browser, so unless you're Jason or Epsi (^_^;;;) you should have
no problems.